Match vs RLC at Worplesdon
Thu 20th August 2015


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MTGS versus RLC (Royal Logistics Corps) at Worplesdon G C
Thursday 20th August 2015

We enjoyed good golfing weather today when we played the RLC at the delightful Worplesdon course: whilst the sun did not shine, we escaped the rain. There had been a small reduction in the cost of the day due to course maintenance work last week: to be honest, I would not have been aware of this as the course was in very good condition.

I am delighted to report that we enjoyed a convincing 4 – 1 victory against a strong team and held on to the trophy that we regained last year. The victorious pairs were: -

• President, Roger Prowting & Langley Davies 5 & 3
• Jerry Horwood & Terry Wills 3 & 2
• Martin Howes & John Wake 2 & 1
• Paul Healy & Ian Wilson 2 Up

After an excellent meal, it fell to me to say a few words on behalf of the MTGS. I started by apologising for the fact that this was going to be a rather personal speech: -

• I explained that the lot of the MTGS Golf Manager was a tough one and covered the “what would you like to play in 2015” mailing to the entire membership at the start of the year
• The match against the RLC is one of our most popular ones and we finished up with 10 on the team sheet, 6 reserves & 8 more available to play
• Despite that, I was called in at the last moment to play as we were down to a team of just 9. I was in effect fifteenth reserve
• If that was not enough, how did I come to be addressing the assembled throng? First of all Roger had to pick up his wife from hospital and could not stay for lunch. The second obvious choice was our Immediate Past President but unfortunately Eamon was also unable to stay on. The third choice was a clear cut one namely the Match Manager, John Woollatt, but he had to walk off the course and go home after seven holes with a recurrence of food poisoning (leaving Eamon to fight on against all the odds by himself). I am pleased to report that I have just spoken to John and he is feeling a bit better now.
• So there it was – fifteenth reserve for the golf and third reserve for the speech!
• I was paired with Jerry who had asked to line up against the same RLC duo that he played last year in partnership with John Wake. His wish was granted and what ensued would have been music to a golf psychologist’s ears as both pairs were convinced that they were victorious in 2014! (I’m sorry J & J but I have been back to last year’s report and you came second by 3 & 2!!)
• Our match was played in a great spirit and was of a very high standard with Jerry & me playing out of our skins and dovetailing superbly. The quality of our opponents’ golf would have secured a win on most days
• The MTGS drank a toast to the RLC and I was delighted to receive the trophy on behalf of the Society

I would like to thank the MTGS team for playing so well. John deserves a lot of praise for his organisation of the day and turning up despite feeling unwell.

Terry Wills

MTGS Golf Manager

20th August 2015

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