Committee Cup at New Zealand
Thu 18th June 2015


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MTGS Committee v The Members at New Zealand Golf Club
18th June 2015.

The inaugural playing of the Committee Cup took place on a lovely sunny day at the wonderful New Zealand Golf Club. The years roll back as you make your way down the drive to the Club’s car park – you are transported back in time! The course was in great condition and the rhododendrons were in full bloom.

Following some excellent negotiation by our Treasurer, John Smith, we had been allowed to play four ball better ball matches at a cost not much more than that for foursomes. To balance up the numbers, Nick Haigh & Conrad Gamble were made honorary members of the Committee team. The numbers though were not quite balanced with the Committee team numbering 13 and the Members team 14.

Our President was keen that all matches should be played out for the full 18 holes and so the format decided on was the usual one (1 for a win, ½ for a draw) but in the event of a tie then the trophy would be presented to the team winning the most holes.

Ably led by the two Captains (Mike Warnes – Committee: Sean Friedman – Members), the two teams played out a fiercely competitive match. The planning about the format proved to be critical as the match was drawn 3 ½ - 3 ½. A count up of the holes won and lost meant that the MTGS Members team prevailed, having won 12 holes and lost 9.

The winners were: -

Players Result
Robert Cole & David Manchester Members +2
Roger Prowting & John Smith Committee +6
Paul Healy & Martin Howes Members +2
John Callender & Jerry Horwood Members +8
Ray Fisher & Lionel Squire Committee +2
Andrew Cronk & Oliver Harris Committee + 1

Graeme Hunt with Gerry Lynch & John Sinclair with Mick Woodall had an excellent halved match

Lunch was superb and the Leon Friedman Memorial Trophy was most appropriately presented to the Members Captain (Sean Friedman) by our guest of honour, Mrs Bernice Friedman – his mother. Roger Prowting spoke of how much he had enjoyed working with the late Leon Friedman and thanked SMC for their generous sponsorship of the day.

The MTGS Golf Manager felt that Roger was a tad unkind when he pointed out that the author of this report was involved in the match against Messrs Callender and Horwood! Everyone felt that the day had been a great success and looked forward to the Committee Cup being a permanent feature of our programme of events.

Terry Wills 18/06/15

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