Members & guests at Walton Heath
Thu 10th September 2015


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MTGS Guest meeting held at Walton Heath Golf Club
10th September 2015

We had a great time at Walton Heath today: the course was in splendid condition and the weather was very warm. The greens were fast and true and the heather was beautiful but had to be avoided at all costs. 34 people participated in the final "MTGS major" of the year. The main points covered by the President after an excellent lunch were: -
• welcome to Jeff Wilson who is in the very final stages of becoming an MTGS member
• we are almost at the end of a successful season (St Georges Hill, Betchworth, New Zealand - the very first Committee Cup, West Hill, Hindhead & now Walton Heath
• match results have been pretty good - four wins and a halved match
• thanks to Motorclean for their continuing sponsorship - unfortunately David Warren could not make the day
• most of the dates for 2016 are finalised and we feel that the schedule has worked out well. West Hill will be replaced by Woking
• thanks to John Etches & Terry Wills for today's organisation
• formal invitations to the Dorchester dinner on December 3rd should go out fairly soon but please make sure that you have reserved the date in your diary
The results are detailed below


Golf Manager

Cups & Prize Winners Walton Heath 10th Sept 2015
All prizes kindly provided by Motorclean Ltd

Cup Winner Pts H/c
Div 1
1st (Winner ineligible for trophy) Jeff Wilson 38 14
2nd Motor Industry Trophy Paul Healy 33 14
3rd Lytton Trophy Douglas Drummond 32 12
Div 2
1st Brew Salver Vip Khanna 37 17
2nd Dunlop Challenge Trophy Ray Fisher 37 17
3rd John Callander 36 16
1st Hallen Trophy Adam Kendrick 30* 3

Div 1 Longest Drive on 8th Jeff Wilson
Nearest the Pin on 11th Martin Howes

Div 2 Longest Drive on 4th Larry Hawkins
Nearest the Pin on 17th Robert Maxwell


Overall Presidents Plate Steve Wright 105 13

Div 1
1st Philip Rickards Memorial Trophy Martin Derrick 100 12
2nd Trader Challenge Trophy Nick Haigh 100 8

Div 2
1st Riches Trophy Ray Fisher 100 17
2nd Douglas Lamb Trophy John Wake 99 16

1st Mobbs Bowl Vip Khanna 98 17

Presidents Putting Competition

1st Craig Trophy Ink Stand Martin Davies 31 6

* 30 Stableford points scored, playing off scratch

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