Match vs Royal Logistics Corps at Army GC Aldershot
Thu 15th August 2019


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Match Report RLC 2019

This was the first fixture at The Army Club instead of Worplesden .We were lucky with the weather and had no rain. He course was presented in good condition apart from a few bad fairways and the greens were true. A full complement turned up on time and we got underway promptly.

The RLC had changed their regime , as previously we played an eclectic mix of brigadiers, generals and retirees and last year only one serving officer .We were faced with an obscenely young and talented team with three members on 5,7,7 handicaps.

Stan Chicksand and Steve Wright led off and recorded a 2/1 win, Myself and Paul Newman followed and had a fantastic game with the lead changing several times, and halved on the 18th.Mick Fardell and Paul Williams came next and lost gracefully, followed by Martin Howes and Paul Healy who succumbed as well. So with the match poised at 2.1/2 to 1.1/2 down we gathered around the 18th to watch Douglas Drummond and David Manchester hole out ,and despite them not knowing it they won 1 up thus levelling the match at 2.1/2 each!

A good friendly match played in a great spirit and the trophy retained by the RLC.

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