Match vs Royal Logistics Corps at Worplesdon GC
Thu 16th August 2018


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MTGS versus RLC (Royal Logistics Corps) at Worplesdon G C
Thursday 16th August 2018

The annual match between the MTGS and the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC) took place as usual at Worplesdon Golf Club on August 17th – the one day of this fine summer when it rained most of the day. Not only did it rain constantly while we were playing, but it also rained hard.

The conditions, then, soon sorted the men from the boys. One fourball (no names, no pack drill) bailed out after 10 holes but as the MTGS contingent were already 6 down by that time, this probably didn't affect the end result.

The hardier members of the MTGS team battled the conditions to the end but there was little consolation at the end of the day's play: Not only had we managed to lose 4-1 but, to add insult to injury, the sun came out just as the final four ball came off the 18th green.

Actually, it was not a four ball, and nor was the group before. One member of the MTGS team had called in with an injury a day or so earlier, too late for a replacement to be found. And yet another member of the team failed to turn up altogether. Again, no names and no pack drill, but this was a disappointment that left Douglas Drummond and Mike Smith each having to play alone against an RLC twosome, so no wonder they both narrowly lost their games.

Your President and Eamon Bradley went down 2 and 1; Congratulations to Paul Healy and David Potts for our sole (3 and 2) victory. This just leaves Stan Chicksand and Neil Smith unaccounted for ... Oh dear, I wasn't going to name those who sought the shelter of the Clubhouse so early ...!

Congratulations to the RLC team who coped with very difficult conditions rather better than we did. And thanks also to Worplesdon Golf Club for hosting us so well.

Martin Derrick, MTGS President
18th August 2018

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