Match vs Midlands MTGS at Tadmarton Heath GC
Tue 23rd July 2019


Closed match

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Report of 2019 Match v MTGS Midlands


On Tuesday 23rd July, MTGS and the MTGS Midlands renewed their rivalry at Tadmarton.

The teams teed off from 13.30 on a mild kind of afternoon - around 30 degrees !!!!! All players smouldered around an excellent track with bottled water being declared the winner.

Thanks to Paul Healy, we were able to field 10 players - I use the term loosely!

Sadly, we had to hand back the trophy to the Midlands as we were on the wrong end of a 3-2 score line. Although it has to be said that all scores were very close. Our President and his partner John Thorp won their game as did – and, please share my embarrassment -myself (Paul Williams) and partner Roger “the legs” Prowting.

Great course, great food, great golf but most of all there was great company!!


Paul Williams

Match Manager

25th July 2019

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