Match vs BVLRA at Stoke Park GC
Wed 28th September 2016


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The match at the prestigious Stoke Park was played on the 28th September where the weather was fine and it was short sleeve shirt order which was great for the end of September.

The course was as usual in magnificent condition and all the matches were very competitive with the scores swinging from to and fro throughout the rounds. The BVRLA team each year now is made up from the winning teams from their own annual tournament which was held at the Oxfordshire this year and therefore they were all worthy competitors.

The match result was winning for the MTGS were the teams of Neil Aldridge & Graham Balaam, Eric Cross & Trevor Teer, Neil Smith & Mark Hinge. Losing teams were Paul Healy & Terry Hunt, Mike Warnes & Bob Singh in closely contested matches and there was a half for Jeff Wilson & Shaun Miller a friend of mine who came in at the very last minute to replace Martin Derrick who regrettably had to cancel as his father had been rushed into a Paris hospital. Overall result MTGS 3.5 BVRLA 2.5.

After golf a few very welcome and much needed drinks in the bar was followed by a very good meal in the Ballroom which was attended by two ladies Fran Hampson, the Events Executive of the BVRLA team, who assisted me all day in making sure the event went smoothly and Nora Leggatt. Regrettably Freddie Aldous the Honorary Life President of the BVRLA who started this set of matches in 1995 (the actual annual event goes back even further but without a trophy to record the result) was too ill to attend the lunch and we send him our best wishes for a speedy recovery. The trophy which we had not won for over five years was presented to me as our President was not in attendance by Nora Leggatt, the Director of Members Services for the BVRLA.

At 4pm end time was called and whilst some dashed off to try and avoid the usual traffic problem on the M25 others retired to the Presidents Bar to finish off the day.

Neil Smith.
Match Manager.

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