Match vs Presidents Team at Princes GC
Tue 30th to Wed 31st August 2016


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Match Report MTGS -v- President’s Team
President’s Match Report: Princes Golf Club 30th/31st August 2016

President's Match at Princes Golf Course in Kent 30th/31st August 2016
On a wonderful sunny and virtually windless day. 20 guys arrived at Princes. Having survived the toll booth and the almost unmarked speed humps, we tried to check in to our rooms. We should have been having 10 lodges each with one lounge and 2 bedrooms and just one person per bedroom. However, this was not the case as we had only been allocated 5 Lodges and, when we tried to get more lodges, we were told that they were all full!! Those of us that had tried to check in before golf went to the clubhouse somewhat angry. One player was heard to say that he had only ever shared a room with his wife!!

Trying to forget the rooming problem, the parings where announced over lunch in the Clubhouse and 5 groups of four balls went out to do battle on the Himalayas and Shore courses (two 9 hole courses). The courses were very interesting but somewhat difficult with narrow, undulating fairways and punishing rough. We heard that one player lost around 18 balls! However, the day was sunny, warm and dry and the company was great: the result of day one was 4/1 to the MTGS Team. with the following successful pairs: -

MTGS Winners
Ray Fisher and John Smith
Paul Newman and Steve Drewitt
Martin Howes and Godfrey Hall
Peter Featherstone and Vip Khanna

President's Winners
Derek Allen and Neil Hodson

We then went to the lodges to see what could be done with the rooming fiasco! The management of the Club now realised that they had got it wrong and had managed to find a few empty rooms and moved some of the guys around.

As it was a very hot night, the President allowed dress to be smart casual with no jackets or ties required. The food was first class and enjoyed by all and many bottles of wine were consumed. The parings for the next day’s Singles were announced and the drinking then continued in the bar till late.... Two players found a pool table and tried to play pool but one of the players (me!!) could not see the pockets properly and claimed it was a problem with his glasses!

In the morning one player was found looking for his car keys, his jacket and other personal items: luckily all were found. Some of the temporary losses had resulted during the night from a falling out of bed mishap! There were reports of a couple of guys sleeping on the cushions from the chairs on the floor of the lounge of their lodge! This was apparently due to a large train or similar machine running close to them – the joys of room sharing!

Breakfast was trouble free and well enjoyed and at 9.00 the first Singles pair started off playing the Shore and Dunes courses. Again, the day was sunny, warm and dry and most found the courses slightly easier on the second day and there were reports of some very good play. The result was 5 1/2 - 4 1/2 to the MTGS, making the overall score 9 1/2 - 5 1/2 to the MTGS. The second day winners were: -

MTGS' Winners
Peter Featherstone
Godfrey Hall
John Smith
Vip Khanna
Ray Fisher

President's Winners
Roger Prowting
Ian Wilson
Darren Ardron
Mike Beevis

with a Half from Ray Sommerville and Steve Drewitt. Reading the Cup, the results to date are now 9/7 to the MTGS.

Lunch was followed by The President presenting the cup to Ray Fisher.

The President and the Match Manager had a meeting with the Management and a 20% discount was offered in recognition of the problems. This was reluctantly agreed and all players left after what overall had been a great two days.

Ray Fisher

Match Manager

September 2nd 2016

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