Members/Guests at Hindhead GC
Thu 21st July 2016


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MTGS Meeting Thursday 21st August 2016
at Hindhead Golf Club

We enjoyed a lovely sunny day at Hindhead today – happily not quite as hot as the last couple of days. The excellent course, which is a great golfing challenge, was in fine condition: in particular the greens were immaculate albeit significantly faster than almost any that most of us play.

In his address during the first class meal, our President Elect, Paul Williams, covered the following: -

* Apologies from our President, Ray Sommerville – Barbados seemingly a more attractive option!
* 57 played today with 2 joining us as members for the first time – Max Angliss & David Potts – welcome!
* A further welcome, this time for our 23 guests
* Our policy of rotating Clubs for our member/guest days continues: next year we will be at Woking, Hadley Wood (for the first time we are venturing north of the river!) & Hindhead.
* Two dates for your diary are the Member day at Walton Heath on September 6th (the invitations will be going out soon) and the Dinner on December 1st.
* A sincere thank you to our prizes sponsor – ICB, an insurance brokerage where Neal Fox works. He will present the prizes.

The prize winners follow: on the day, ICB provided some extra prizes enabling us to extend the prizes down to fourth.After the prize giving, a scorecard misunderstanding came to light and this resulted in changes to third and fourth positions in Division 2. Barry Williams’s performance in scoring 37 points off a handicap of 6 was exceptional.

As Paul mentioned, you should expect your invitation to Walton Heath from me fairly soon: I will also give you then the latest position in respect of the Player of the Year trophy.



Members Name H/c Pts
Div 1
1st Penrose Bowl Barry Williams: cut 2 shots 6 37
2nd Lombard Cup Steve Wright 13 34
3rd Godfrey Hall (on countback) 14 33
4th Oliver Harris (on countback) 13 33
Div 2
1st Shell Mex Trophy Mark Hinge (on c/b): cut 1 shot 18 31
2nd Lombard Cup Andy Dick (on countback) 24 31
3rd Tony Horwell 24 29
4th David Manchester (on countback) 19 28
1st Simon Kay (on countback) 11 34
2nd Peter Fletcher (on countback) 20 34
3rd Dan Spickett 12 33
4th Des Campbell 24 32
Div 1
Longest Drive Gerry Lynch 8
Nearest the Pin John Smith 13
Div 2
Longest Drive Terry Wills 17
Nearest the Pin Barr Flood 21

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