Match vs BVLRA at Stoke Park GC
Wed 27th September 2017


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MTGS v BVRLA at STOKE PARK Wed 27th Sept 2017

We gathered together on an ideal day for golf as the weather for this time of year was fine and very still coupled with the Stoke Park course being in great shape: we couldn’t ask for better golfing conditions.

In five of the six matches we were giving away a lot of strokes as the majority of the BVRLA team were high handicappers and the new rule of nine-tenths of the difference even after imposing a maximum handicap of 24 did not help our cause.

Neil Smith & Eric Cross had a very competitive match where there was ever only one hole in it either way and levelled the match at the 17th only to lose the 18th. Result 1 down.

Paul Williams & Eamon Bradley came up against a very strong team playing well on the day losing 4 & 3.

Roger Prowting & Graham Balaam were fine winners going into a big lead early on and holding on to it to win 5 & 4.

Neil Aldridge & Steve Wright had a very close match and the earlier jinx of the 18th happened for the second time losing 1 down.

Mike Smith & Des Campbell were out next and fought hard eventually conceding the match 2 & 1.

Paul Richmond & Paul Healy also suffered the perils of the dreaded 18th and went where two before them had failed to make it three. Result 1 down.

After drinks in the Presidents bar to drown our sorrows and replay where we missed out; a very good meal was enjoyed. The Freddie Aldous trophy was presented to Paul Moore the captain on the day for the BVRLA and our President then gave a highly amusing speech which, whilst we had heard most of it before, was very much appreciated by the opposition.

We now look forward to playing this match at a similar time next year and getting back the trophy which we had held for the previous year.

Neil Smith. Match Manager.

Neil Smith.

Match Manager.

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