Members at Walton Heath GC
Thu 14th September 2017


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MTGS Guest meeting held at Walton Heath Golf Club
Thu 14th September 2017
We had a great time at Walton Heath today: the course was in splendid condition and the weather was dry albeit rather nippy at first (or so I was told as I do not feel the cold!). The greens were very true and the heather was beautiful but had to be avoided at all costs. 43 people participated in the final "MTGS major" of the year (one of our best turn outs at Walton Heath for some time). The main points covered by the President after an excellent lunch were:

* welcome to Tim Fenton & Chris Gray who were playing in their first event as MTGS members
* our policy of rotating Clubs for our member/guest days continues: next year we expect to have a pretty special set of Woking, Swinley Forest & Hankley Common
* two dates in our MTGS diary are the Dinner on December 7th (remember that ladies are most welcome) and the BEN charity day at St Georges Hill on December 14th. It is possible, however, that the BEN Day may be postponed to next March – we await Nick Kingsbury’s decision
* a sincere thank you to our prizes sponsor – Motorclean, represented on the day by David Warren & Paul Cranwell: the latter will present the prizes
* continuing his helpful theme of how to improve our golf, Paul quoted from a couple of chapters of his book including how to hit your shank further!

The results of the day’s Stableford, putting competition and the aggregate competitions are attached (in two formats): there were a number of count backs. I have also attached the top forty scores in this year’s aggregate competition. Particular congratulations go to: -

* Martin Davies who was our player of the year by a comfortable margin (2 shot cut) and only missed out on the day’s best scratch score on count back
* Martin Howes who achieved the day’s best scratch score
* David Warren who had the highest Stableford score and won Division 1 (1 shot cut)
* David Hussey for his first MTGS victory in winning Division 2 (1 shot cut)
Terry Wills
All prizes kindly provided by Motorclean Ltd

Cup Winner Pts H/c
Div 1
1st Motor Industry Trophy David Warren 38 14
2nd Lytton Trophy Martin Davies 35 7
3rd Nick Haigh 33 10
Div 2
1st Brew Salver David Hussey 30 18
2nd Dunlop Challenge Trophy Max Angliss 30 21
3rd Chris Gray 30 16
1st Hallen Trophy Martin Howes "28" "0"
37 9
Div 1 Longest Drive on 8th Nick Haigh
Nearest the Pin on 11th David Warren

Div 2 Longest Drive on 4th Sean Friedman
Nearest the Pin on 17th Joff Suter


Overall Presidents Trophy Martin Davies 103 7

Div 1
1st Philip Rickards Memorial Trophy Martin Howes 99 9
2nd Trader Challenge Trophy Nick Haigh 97 10

Div 2
1st Riches Trophy Joff Suter 98 16
2nd Douglas Lamb Trophy Mark Hinge 92 18

1st Mobbs Bowl Douglas Drummond 99 11

Presidents Putting Competition

1st Craig Trophy Ink Stand Eric Cross 34 12
Top Aggreates scores
Martin Davies 6 103
Douglas Drummond 11 99
Martin Howes 9 99
Joff Suter 16 98
Nick Haigh 10 97
Godfrey Hall 14 95
Steve Wright 13 95
Martin Derrick 13 93
Martin Broome 12 92
Mark Hinge 18 92
Max Angliss 21 90
Roger Prowting 11 90
John Smith 15 90
Trevor Teer 18 90
Oliver Harris 14 89
Bob Singh 15 89
Craig Brown 18 88
Sean Friedman 16 88
Sean Costa 17 87
Eric Cross 12 86
John Callender 16 84
Barry Williams 7 83
Ray Fisher 16 82
Paul Williams 17 81
Mike Kiff 21 80
Terry Wills 19 79
John Wake 15 69
David Warren 14 68
Derek Allen 16 67
Larry Hawkins 18 65
Frank Whiffen 21 64
Peter Featherstone 13 62
Pawan Kenth 23 60
Philip Rising 19 60
David Manchester 20 58
Stan Chicksand 18 55
Robin Stewart 17 55
Peter Eatenton 18 54
Jeff Wilson 12 54
Steven Drewitt 20 53
Miles Roberts 17 53

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