Match vs Transport GS at New Zealand GC
Thu 20th July 2017


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20th July 2017

The ‘ancestral home’ of this ancient encounter is the delightful Hankley Common, but this year due to some local difficulties at Hankley - basically they wouldn’t come to the party on price - we searched around for a better deal and found it at New Zealand.

So, sad as we were to be missing out on the Hankley experience this year, it was by no means a hardship to be playing this match at the glorious New Zealand GC where Roger Marrett and his team always look after us so well. Where else, for instance, does the Secretary of the Golf Club take it upon himself to type up a match sheet with all the names and handicaps on it and hand this around before tee off and then complete the form with each score at the end! Quite above and beyond the call of duty I would say and much appreciated by all.

It was an early start for us arriving at 7.30am at the Clubhouse in rather gloomy early morning conditions with a hint of drizzle in the air which during mid morning did develop into a half hearted shower or two but not really enough to warrant getting out the umbrella’s.

Being the first group of the day to arrive, we commanded the beautiful drawing room for our coffee and bacon rolls and indeed our pre lunch drinks after golf with the other visitors, the ‘Incognito’ golfing society, having to make do with the area around the bar to gather - perfectly appropriate we thought!

The team players were drawn and off we went in fourballs but playing singles matchplay which is a nice social way to go round a golf course. MTGS however were a player short at the start due to Oliver Harris being held up in delays on the A3. He missed the first hole (and his coffee and bacon roll poor chap) but gamely raced on to the second upon arrival and started from there albeit already one down!

In recent years, TGS have held on to this trophy quite often by halving matches or very narrow wins and so MTGS were determined to redress the balance this year by a score that left little room for doubt. With such unbeatable talents as Brian Lowe and Michael Evans in the MTGS team never mind golfing giants Ray Sommerville and Roger Prowting (fresh from his Woking triumph), we were upbeat to say the least about a convincing performance.

When all the scores were in however it turned out that only our esteemed President, Paul Williams, had won his match 2 up against the TGS President, John Pritchard. The ever reliable Peter Featherstone did manage an honourable halve with TGS’s Jurgen Knorp and that was it. One and a half to MTGS and six and a half to the TGS. Yes, we were absolutely right with our pre match forecast, it was a score that left no room for doubt as to the result!

The afternoon produced some lovely sunshine for drinks on the terrace after golf and as ever, the New Zealand lunch somewhat lessened the pain of defeat with, it must be said, the Pouilly Blanc Fume and the Club Claret being particularly good and effective analgesics.

And so another match against this most kindred of spirits, the TGS, was once more consigned to the history books. We look forward next year to perhaps returning to Hankley again on the basis that we hope to do a deal that satisfies both sides but wherever the venue once again gathering our wits and attempting to wrest that trophy away from those TGS’s clutching hands.

Gerry Lynch
Match Manager
24 July 2017

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