Match v MTGS at Swinley Forest
Mon 23rd September 2002


News and information from this event

MTGS at Swinley Forest 23/09/02

"A first class venue and wonderful early autumn weather made up for a very poor attendance at this event.
When secretary Philip Payze asked about availability at the start of the season, 42 people wanted to represent MTGS at Swinley Forest: in the event we struggled to get five and three others who had split loyalty with Volvo connections.
An unplanned Volvo meeting depleted their side as well, resulting in six a side only! Members would do well to remember that we will lose our slots at these outstanding venues if we don't keep the numbers up. The workload on Philip Payze is also unfair.
Those who attended had a great time finishing with the traditional Swinley Forest lunch.
For the record, MTGS won the match 2/1 thus drawing level in the series which started last year.
With support from our members we can look forward to many more years at Swinley Forest." LGS.

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