Match v Volvo at Swinley Forest
Mon 20th September 2004


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Match v Volvo GS at Swinley Forest Mon 20th Sept

Leading up to this match the President had trouble choosing the team as Lionel Squire had stolen at least 3 of his prospective players to play for Volvo GS! In fact the whole match was slightly incestuous, as a number of the players could have played for either side!

The start of the match resembled a safari drive as the teams drove off in their cars to the 10th tee through the "forest" down an "interesting" road! The weather forecast was terrible and all expected a thorough drenching. In the end it only rained for about 15 minutes, but how it blew. At times it was difficult to stand still when putting!

As usual the course was in 1st class order unlike the Volvo team, the end result was 3 - 2 to MTGS. Those of us that lost blamed the wind! rjf

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