Match v BMWGS at West Byfleet
Mon 11th October 2004


News and information from this event

MTGS v BMWGS at Byfleet Golf Club 11th Oct 2004

Mike Evans (match sec.) was very relived when all the team arrived! He had suffered a lot of dropouts in the preceding days and the last person to confirm that he could play was Mike Wooding, the confirmation was by phone from the South of France on Saturday afternoon! Mike had driven up through France on Sunday in the pouring rain in an open top vintage Jaguar! He said that rain had reached parts he had forgotten he had!!!

Yet again the weather was fine and sunny and the teams went out to do battle. The course was in excellent condition but our golf was not! the only winners from our side were Charles Slaughter and your Golf Manager! The end result was 3/1 to BMWGS.

Photo shows Mike Evans presenting the trophy to Jim O'Donnell the MD of BMW UK. The trophy was specially made for this annual event and is a Williams BMW F1 brake disc mounted on an impressive stand. Rjf 11/10/04

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