Match v Midlands at Tadmarton
Wed 27th April 2005


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Match at Tadmarton v the MC & MTGS

As we drove up to Tadmarton the sky was very dark and the forecast was for heavy rain and perhaps thunder! We arrived in a rain storm and went in for lunch expecting to get very wet in the afternoon.

Full credit must go to Mike Bell the match sec. we had a full team and if the Golf Manager had remembered to bring the shirts and sweaters that had been ordered ALL the team would have been in MTGS colours.

As we sat down to lunch we discovered that Godfrey Hall and Tony Sweeny were playing for the other side! Comments were made!! and it was said that they could not lose as they must win for one side!

Most of the matches were very close but unfortunately the putter has returned to the Midlands! The result was 2 ½ 3 ½ to the Midlands! Godfrey and Tony won for the Midlands so the Golf Manager claimed it must have been a draw!

We played in almost dry conditions and the course was in 1st class condition. The food was great "Home cooking" and much enjoyed by all. RJF

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