Match v AGS at New Zealand
Thu 23rd June 2005


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MTGS at New Zealand (The Golf Course not the Country!)

The team arrived at the Club on what promised to be one of the hottest days of 2005. The Match v The Automobile Golf Society that has been played since 1982 and at New Zealand since 1984, is two rounds of Foursomes golf. As we were the holders of the Lord Black Salver the President was determined to pick the best parings to ensure that we retained the Salver.

The morning round gave us 3 points with only one match losing! (your Golf Manager discovered that four weeks on the high seas is not good preparation for golf, one par 4 hole was won by the MTGS team with a very interesting 7! However thanks to the efforts of Charles Slaughter the match did go to the 18th)

Lunch was to the usual high standard and in very hot conditions the afternoon round commenced!

The AGS decided to change their parings but the President felt it unwise to change a winning set-up! When the last match finished we had won 6/2 with only the pair with the Golf Manager losing AGAIN!!!

Lord George Simpson, who had left Scotland in the "wee small hours" to play in the match, presented the Salver to Peter Featherstone, saying how much the AGS enjoyed this match and commented that in the 24 years the AGS had won 12 times with the MTGS only winning 10 matches (2 were halved). Rjf230605



Mike Ost (6), Eric Brannan (14), John Putt (2), Brian Carte (17),

Brian Dickie (3), Nigel Tinsley (17), George Simpson (13), Jim O'Donnell (18).


Peter Featherstone (12), Vippen Khanna (16), Andrew Cronk (7), Brian Lowe (15),

Ray Fisher (15), Charles Slaughter (15), Stan Chicksand (16), Martin Leo (5)

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