Members Committee Cup at New Zealand GC
Mon 13th March 2017


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The third playing of the Committee Cup took place on a glorious, sunny day at the wonderful New Zealand Golf Club. The course was in great nick and supported the decision to switch our opening event of the year from St Georges Hill, whose condition was a great disappointment in March 2016.

There were 27 players in all but, to balance up the teams, a number were made honorary members of the Committee team.

All matches (four ball better ball) were played out for the full 18 holes, with an overall tie to be resolved by the number of holes won.

The winners were: -

Players Result
Bob Singh & Mike Warnes Committee +2
Stan Chicksand & Steve Wright Members +2
Lee Cohen & Paul Williams Committee +5
Peter Featherstone & David Warren (C)
Martin Howes (M) Halved
Sean Friedman & Barry Williams Members +3
David Manchester & Roger Prowting Committee +4
Paul Newman & Frank Whiffen Members +4

The overall result was 3 ½ - 3 ½ meaning that the number of holes won was called into the reckoning and, on this occasion, the Committee edged it 11 – 9 to win the trophy for the first time as the Members had triumphed in 2015 & 2016.

The performance of Martin Howes was particularly noteworthy: he secured a half, playing on his own against a very strong Committee pair.

Lunch was superb and, after a few words from our President, Ray Sommerville, Mike Warnes (Committee Captain) was presented with the magnificent Leon Friedman Memorial Trophy. Mike gave a number of votes of thanks and welcomed our guest of honour, Mrs Bernice Friedman,

The President made particular mention of the condition of Graeme Hunt (who was due to become our Vice President next month). Graeme suffered a brain haemorrhage on the day of our Dinner in December which gave rise to major surgery. He is currently on a slow road to recovery and we all wish him well.

Terry Wills 17/03/17

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