Match v Royal Logistic Corps at Berkshire
Wed 24th August 2005


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Match v Royal Logistic Corps at The Berkshire 24th Aug 05

Thanks to remarkably light traffic – must be the school holidays - 7.20am found 9 of our members waiting in the car park of the club for the clubhouse to open, finding the smell of bacon rolls wafting from the kitchen almost too much to bear!

Over coffee and the rolls the parings were done but by 7.45 but there was no sign of John Woollett! (the match Sec.) The Golf Manager decided to ring him and see if he was stuck in traffic - John was still in bed! Not withstanding the fact that the day before he had sent all the team an e-mail saying don't be late, he thought the 24th was a Thursday !!!!!

The match started at 8am in the dry and with a little help from the traffic John arrived in time to go out in the last group. Not surprisingly, considering the forecast, the rain arrived by 10.30 and did it rain! The President had recently had a lesson from his Pro. but it was apparent the new swing did not work in the rain (well it didn't actually work in the dry either). However in spite of the rain a "good time was had by all" but all agreed it was great to have a shower and get into dry clothes!

The food at the Berkshire was as good as always but over coffee when the Cup was due to be presented it was discovered that the RLC had forgotten to bring it with them! Luckily for them the score was 1½ -3½ to them so they were keeping the cup anyway. A spare cup was found by the Berkshire for the photo and was presented to the RLC Captain by Peter Featherstone (and rapidly retrieved by the bar staff!)

RJF 24/08/05

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