Match v BMW at West Byfleet
Mon 12th October 2009


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Match v BMW at West Byfleet 12th Oct 2009

The players arrived at the course and could not believe the weather! It was more like May than October!

The course was in excellent order and battle commenced. I was playing with Nick Kingsbury who badly wanted to beat BMW after what they did with Rover!! We were playing against Tim (the MD of BMW UK) and another Nick who was a BMW Dealer. Nick and I managed to play quite well and to Nick's delight we won 3 and 2.

That was a good start but I was now worried as I had won would we now lose? Peter Batchelor and James Crickmay came in next with a 2/1 win so we could not now lose!

Les Brown and Mike Newman lost so it was all down to the last match with John Smith and Tony Worthy…… I really wanted to hold the Trophy for a year as the Trophy for this match is a mounted brake disc from Juan Pablo Montoya's actual Williams-BMW F1 race car in which he won the 2001 Italian GP at Monza. I breathed a large sigh of relief when on the last green John gave me the thumbs up sign they won 4/3.

The end result was 3/1 win. I was delighted to receive the Trophy from Tim.

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