Match v Midlands at Tadmarton
Wed 24th April 2002


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Tadmarten 24th April 2002

The team met on a wonderful sunny day at the picturesque golf course at Tadmarten. We all agreed it would be difficult to imagine better conditions for a golf match. Following soup and sandwiches the teams did battle! To cut a long story short - we lost! (4 & 2). After a few beers in the last of the sunshine all adjourned for a 1st class dinner at the end of which Peter was forced (much against his will) to hand over the putter to John Stambrook.

Thanks were given to all at Tadmarten for a super day and all made their way home. Team :- Geoffrey Dale, Stan Thompson, Ray Fisher, Mike Bell, John Gorse, John Skeldon, Peter Featherstone, Ed Spitzer, Neil Smith, John Smith, and Alec McHale. R

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