Match v AGS at Hankley Common
Wed 11th August 2004


News and information from this event

Match V Transport Golf Society at Hankley Common.

The MTGS team arrived at Hankley with some difficulty, the M3 had been closed since 4pm the previous day and the traffic in the area was not good news.

The teams went off the 10th with black clouds threatening. The President agreed to wait for Peter Baker (President TGS) who had not arrived and could not be contacted (his wife said he had left to go to Hankley at 3pm the day before!)

The format of 4 ball (two singles matches) was very enjoyable and after 2 or 3 holes of very heavy showers, the sun came out and the day was hot and sunny.

Peter Baker arrived at 9.30 having spent a couple of hours in a traffic jam near the M3 coming from his hotel! He and the President caught up with their playing partners after a few holes.

The score was very close with the AGS winning by 4 ½ to 3 ½.


Nick Kingsbury (Captain)
Oliver Harris
Ron Young
Brian Lane
John Thompson
Michael Evans
Peter Featherstone (President elect)
Ray Fisher (Golf Manager)

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