Match v Scots at Turnburry
Sun 15th May 2005


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MTGS take on the Scots at Turnberry

The team – Peter Featherstone, Vipen Khanna, Nick Kingsbury, Ray Fisher, John Woollatt, John Smith, Brian Lowe and Roger Wain-Heapy, arrived at Turnberry in time for lunch on Thursday, some having left home at 4.45am that morning! The Scottish team arrived eventually! (why is the nearest person always the last to arrive!) Their team – Joe Nimmo, Fraser Miller, Gordon Hardie, Dougie Watson, Willie McKie, Mike Kirk, Bryce Smith and Alex Thomson.

The weather was perfect, sunny and just a light breeze (it is said that the Turnberry courses only have light winds a few days a year and we got two of them!) The score at the end of day one was 3 – 1 to the Scots! At dinner that night the Brits were dejected as they felt that they were unlikely to be able to win the next day better than 3 – 1, as the Scots had produced such a strong team.

On another sunny day the team set out to play the Kintyre Course, which was said to be even more changeling than the Ailsa Course that was played the day before.

The Brits were overjoyed to win the Cup, coming in with a score on the second day of 4 – 0! Making the score overall 5/3. Peter was delighted to bring the Cup home to the south!

Both teams agreed that it had been a great 2 days and the Scots were looking forward to coming down south next year to win back the cup! (well they can try!) Peter thanked the Scots for their first class hospitality and thanked John Smith for the sponsorship that Exxon/Mobil had very kindly provided for this match. RJF 15/05/05

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