Match v Volvo at Swinley Forest
Fri 16th September 2005


News and information from this event

Strange Day at Swinley!

The day started badly for the Golf Manager – he arrived improperly dressed. He was playing for Volvo but was wearing MTGS clothing! In view of his 25+ years as a Volvo dealer, Lionel said the GM qualified to play for Volvo and had absconded him! Looking round the room over coffee it seemed that most players were MTGS members! Also there was a LADY! present – for the first time in it's history the MTGS was playing with a lady in the opposing team. The final straw was when it was found that due to a misunderstanding we had one too many players. John Gorse made a very gentlemanly gesture and returned home – thank you John.

The weather was again perfect for golf, as was the course. The MTGS members playing for the opposition realised that they were in a Win-Win situation! If they won their match they won for Volvo, if they lost they won for the Society. However too many members won for Volvo and the President was forced to present the cup to Lionel Squire with the score 3 ½ - 1 1/2 . A good day was had by all. rjf.

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