73rd Annual Dinner at Savoy
Thu 1st December 2005


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73rd Annual Dinner

Nearly 300 members and guests enjoyed the 73rd Annual Dinner at the Savoy on 1st December 2005.

The meal was to the high standard we have come to expect from the Savoy as was the service.

The first speaker, Lionel Squire, introduced the President and amused the audience with anecdotes about Peter Featherstone. Lionel has known Peter for many years.

The President then reported on the state of the Society. Saying that 236 members and guests attended the 5 meetings through 2005 and that at the meetings and matches, the Society members and their guests had played over 560 rounds of golf on a total of 21 different courses! He was delighted to report that the MTGS is flourishing at a time when other golf societies are going through a bad time.

He did not want to bore the audience with the full list of the results as they were printed in the programme; however, he was pleased that we had won many more than we had lost! Peter made mention of the match v the Scots where the MTGS made a miraculous recovery – the Society was 3-1 down at the end of the first day but won 4-0 the next day to win the Trophy.

He made a special point of thanking Exxon Mobil, British Car Auctions, Jigsaw Finance, Assured Group Ltd and HPI for their generous sponsorship throughout 2005.

The President elect Peter Batchelor proposed the toast to the guests and introduced John Vergo the well known snooker player and commentator who kept the audience laughing with his stories and brought the evening to a close.
During the evening there was a table raffle in aid of BEN which raised just under £4000. rjf

The Presidents letter from the programme is reproduced below. This letter is the version that should have appeared. The letter in the programme was a draft copy that was inserted in the programme in error.

Presidents Letter

Dear Members and Guests

At the beginning of my year, I said that, I would, if at all possible, be at, or indeed play, in all society fixtures and matches. I also expressed my wish to greet and welcome new members into the society. I would report in the main, "Mission accomplished", and, as a result of this, I am now a golf athlete!

I have been fortunate enough to have had the support of Marie, my wife, who has a new approach to my golf, after taking up our beloved game 18 months ago herself.

I will not go through all the match results now, as they can be found in the program. However, in summary, the society won more than lost. It can also be said that the "Golfing Gods" have truly looked over us this year, as every match and fixture was played in beautiful sunshine, and in particular the match against the old enemy at Turnberry, which resulted in a resounding victory, this can only be described as the pinnacle of the society's golfing year.

2005 has been a particular difficult year for our industry. But even so, the society has taken in new members, and we had record numbers playing. Not only have we retained our friends and sponsors, we have attracted new sponsors this year, which is indicative to the value of golf, and time out, among fellow motor industry professionals.

At this dinner we will be supporting BEN, no doubt you will have noticed the table envelopes, we thank Tony Worthy for organising this, and hope that our small effort may assist BEN with their good work.

My year has been full; I have enjoyed being president of our great society. The support and camaraderie from our immediate past president, Nick Kingsbury, and our 2006 president elect, Peter Batchelor, has been tremendous.

Before closing, I would, yet again, pay tribute to our golf manager, Ray Fisher, our dinner secretary, Brian Lowe, and all the committee, for the smooth running of the society.

In conclusion, please enjoy this evening at the Savoy, the fantastic food and wine, and the good company of friends.
Peter Featherstone

President 2005

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