Match vs AGS at New Zealand
Wed 23rd June 2010


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MTGS vs Automobile Golfing Society
New Zealand Golf Club – 23 June 2010
Match Report

The Vickers Trophy has been played between these two sides each year for the past 28 years and before this match the scores were exactly level at 14-all with the MTGS the current holders – so much to play for!

Before the start there was much debate about how we could play the match over 36 holes of foursomes, have our drinks and luncheon and still be able to watch the critical England vs Slovenia game on TV with a 3.00 pm kick off. A difficult one this but not beyond our combined wits and some lateral thinking.

So it was decided that each game would play two 18 hole competitions with the second round following immediately after the first and starting on the hole after the hole on which the first round was decided. So for instance a 6 and 5 win for one game in the first round would conclude on the 13th green and play would commence then in the second round on the 14th tee. To speed up play and avoid logistical comlexities, it was decided to keep the same partners for both rounds and that any provisional balls would be played by the same player rather than having to call back his partner to play the shot.

Not quite your traditional foursomes format but afterwards we all agreed that it had worked well. One game finished in under 5 hours total with the others all completing their two round contests in well under 6 hours. So post match drinks and a later than normal lunch was enjoyed by all and we then settled down in the bar to watch the second half of the football game. What a triumph of compromise and co operation it was!

Now on to the competition itself! Well the first rounds produced a 2 – 2 draw with the pairings of Guy Liddall/Godfrey Hall and Vince Davies/Graham Balaam getting the wins for the MTGS. But in the second rounds only the unbeatable Guy Liddall and Godfrey Hall came home with a win! All the other games went to the AGS but most were extremely closely fought throughout – your President and his partner, John Bell, for instance, losing their match on the very last hole. So a final result of MTGS 3 vs AGS 5 and the Vickers Trophy being handed to the AGS for the fifteenth time!

Our thanks must go to New Zealand for preparing a quite beautiful heath and heather track for us to play upon and in particular to Trevor at the Club for all his care and courtesy. To our opponents, led by their President , Peter Johnson, our congratulations on their win. We look forward to meeting them again next year.

Gerry Lynch
25 June 2010

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