Match vs TGS at Hankley Common
Wed 4th August 2010


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MTGS vs Transport Golfing Society
Hankley Common - 4th August 2010
Match Report

The history of this match goes back a long way, well over 40 years according to some of our longer standing members. Unfortunately, the original trophy was mislaid following a particularly bacchanalian post match dinner and was never found again! Shame about the trophy but the dinner was apparently very good!

The current trophy, the Motor Transport Trophy, has been played for since 1988 and the score sheet prior to this event could not have been closer with both sides holding the prize on exactly 11 occasions each.

So with MTGS the current holders, there was much to play for as we assembled at Hankley Common prior to our 08.45am start for this matchplay singles competition. The course at Hankley was in its usual pristine condition clearly benefitting from the fairway watering system given local comment that there had been no rainfall in the area since early May!

Well things were about to change because, from a dry and sunny start, the weather became threatening and eventually unleashed a downpour of the wet stuff on our back nine. From then on, showers prevailed throughout the rest of the day. However, it could have been worse and the early starters/ early finishers certainly got off lightest.

The match was, as expected, closely fought with Oliver Harris, Brian Lowe and Derek Redfern all finding it difficult to overcome their doughty opponents. However, Geoffrey Dove, Nick Kingsbury, Paul Richmond, Philip Payze and your President all managed to win and so the MTGS took the match convincingly 5 – 3.

Following some very generous comments from the TGS President, Simon Kerr, the Motor Transport Trophy was presented to the MTGS for the 12th time since 1988.

The Trophy will now sit on your President’s drawing room cabinet, available for viewing to all who visit, and there it will reside until once again it will be brought to Hankley Common for this same encounter in 12 months time.

Gerry Lynch
6 August 2010

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