Match vs NW MTGS at Blackwell
Thu 23rd September 2010


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Match vs North West MTGS
Blackwell GC – 23 September 2010
Match Report

This match was first played in 1995 and since that time the records show 7 wins to the Society, 5 to the North West with 3 matches halved.

For the last 12 years, the venue for this fixture has been Blackwell GC a true gem of a course set in the lovely, rolling Worcestershire countryside near Bromsgrove but not very far away from the once great beating heart of the British motor industry in the West Midlands.

Blackwell for many years was the venue for the British Leyland annual dealer golf event and during that week every year it was de rigueur to have the dealer wholesale meetings with the manufacturer in the Golf Club card room over a drink, rather than in the plush and formal offices of the company up the road at nearby Longbridge. The agreed order allocations arising out of these refreshment-fuelled meetings were however rarely matched, we are told, by what turned up on the car transporters at the dealer forecourt the following month!

This is a fixture which has always been enjoyed by both sides regardless of result over the years. The North West team contain many familiar and friendly faces from previous encounters including the jovial Mario, an Italian restauranteur from Southport whose somewhat tenuous connection with the motor industry is presumably that he feeds the local dealer network and also drives a car!

Due to a late call off, the Society could only field 11 players against the opposition’s 12 which meant that one of our number had to play without a partner. This unenviable task fell to Martin Howes and it is to his undying credit that he triumphed 2 and 1. No mean feat especially considering this was his first visit to Blackwell. Well done, Martin!

The other games were very closely fought, with two going all the way to the last hole, both of which were won by the North West. However, with John Skeldon and John Smith together with Godfrey Hall and Steve Drewitt winning their games too, the overall score ended 3 – 3 and the match halved. Thus an honourable draw was had albeit the North West retain the trophy.

Our thanks must go to Ray Evans and his North West team for making this such an enjoyable fixture. To John Mead, the Secretary at Blackwell who has just retired but has always looked after us so well. To David Silcock, Head Chef at the Club, who retires shortly, but who has kept us supremely well fed and watered over the many years he has been here. Finally, to the Keepers of this fine golf course, our thanks for all their endeavours and to the Clerk of the Weather, our grateful appreciation for allowing only one brief shower to interrupt our play.

Gerry Lynch
30 September 2010

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