Match vs Volvo at Maidenhead
Thu 16th September 2010


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Volvo/MTGS match at Maidenhead Golf Club
Match Report
16th September 2010

One of the joys of the MTGS fixtures and matches is that there are some things which can be depended upon absolutely. So it was that the first match teed off on time at 09:00 and the MTGS side were still waiting for Oliver Harris to appear, maintaining his tradition of always being late, usually arriving without money, leaving early and generally winning. On this occasion, Oliver in the last match was to manage only a half!

Whatever one thinks of the ability of those worthies in the MTGS team, they can putt; ask Charles Slaughter whose pairing had to endure three monster putts in a row on their way to a 4/3 beating in match 2.

The president and his partner however gave the ultimately hapless Volvo team some hope as clearly Gerry Lynch had, in his haste, managed to leave his “A” game in Scotland and had by his standards a miserable round. Indeed at one stage a call to the professional was considered to replenish Gerry’s supply of golf balls as his original stock had been scattered far and wide around Maidenhead’s green sward. Unfortunately for their opponents, Brian Lowe demonstrated that golf and especially putting is really a very simple game and that the handicap system, in his case at least, is a nonsense! Despite this Lionel Squire and Philip Payze managed to prevail on the eighteenth green.

Match 3 resulted in a thrashing for Volvo by 7/6. Interesting this as a naked and wet through John Smith came out of the shower to claim that he had beaten Ray Fisher and we all wondered what had happened to their playing partners? Such focus is of course the stuff of champions.

So MTGS won the match by 2 & ½ to 1 & ½ and reclaimed the prestigious Charles Singer Trophy, first played for in 1969 and donated by the man of the same name who brought Volvo cars to Britain in 1958.

The contestants were well looked after by the staff of Maidenhead Golf Club and everyone agreed that the course was in excellent condition. The weather gods provided a calm dry day. Special thanks are also due to Gavin Moolman and Simon Hodgett of Volvo Car UK and Steve Cope, who were called up as last minute replacements for Volvo.


Volvo v MTGS

Squire/Payze Lynch/Lowe Volvo 1 up
Slaughter/Hodgett N Smith/Jaggar MTGS 4/3
Fisher/Moolman J Smith/Crickmay MTGS 7/6
Carey/Cope Harris/Bell All square


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