Match vs BVLRA at Stoke Park
Wed 6th October 2010


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Stoke Poges – Wed 6 October 2010
Match Report

This is a fixture which has had to be abandoned twice in the last six years due to adverse weather. So it was with some trepidation that one arrived at 7.30 am in a very wet car park at the Stoke Park complex having journeyed through floods and driving rain to get there!

The warm and comfortable clubhouse, however, where our bacon rolls and coffee were served, cheered us up and put us all in a more positive frame of mind for the challenge ahead. The rain had eased somewhat as we prepared to tee off but even so, weatherproof coverings from head to toe were the order of the day.

We need not have worried. By the time the last pairings had started, the rain had stopped and before the front nine had been completed, the sun was shining and so it gloriously continued that way for the rest of the day.

This is undoubtedly one of the match highlights of our golfing calendar. The sumptuous golf clubhouse of Stoke Poges set amid the splendid Stoke Park, the excellent Harry Colt designed championship golf course, scene of that famous match between James Bond and Goldfinger, the Michelin quality restaurant where post match luncheon is taken in style and fine wines are enjoyed. All of this made possible by the benign influence of Stoke Poges member Freddie Aldous, President of the BVRLA and of course Honourary member and past President of the MTGS, bearing gifts for his guests on arrival and attending to their every need whilst there. If only every visit to a golf club was like this!

On to the match itself. We first of all noted a surprise line up in the opposing team with some unfamiliar faces on display. This year, the BVRLA team had been selected from the winners in their national competition – oh dear and so young looking too.

But could they perform under pressure, we asked. The answer was , well.........YES! After the first 4 matches had returned scores, the MTGS were 4 down and heading for a whitewash. However, embarrassment was averted and dignity restored with a fine win by Martin Howes and John Smith 2 and 1 and then the anchormen, Oliver Harris and Butch Ash, coming in with a 1 up victory. So the final score was a win for the BVRLA of 4/2 and they retain the Stoke Poges Trophy.

Our thanks for a marvellous day must go firstly to the BVRLA team for a well fought match. For the impeccable service of the staff at Stoke Park, both in the hotel and out on the course, we also tip our hats. We thank Neil Smith, our match manager, for all his efforts in arranging this fixture. Finally, to the magnificent and noble Freddie Aldous, our deep gratitude for his gracious hospitality and his care and courtesy as our host.

Gerry Lynch
28 – 10 – 2010

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