Match vs BVLRA at Stoke Park
Mon 3rd October 2011


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Stoke Park Monday 3rd October 2011

The match got underway at 8.30am on what was a wonderful day weatherwise for this time of year, and was played over the 10th to 27th holes on this excellent course.
The result of the match was an honourable three point apiece with Messrs James Crickmay & John Smith, Les Brown & Nick Haigh, Roger Prowting & Neil Aldridge winning their matches. Neil Smith & Martyn Ives, Charles Slaughter & John Gorse, Paul Williams & Godfrey Hall alas succumbed to stronger opposition. The trophy, as a result of the draw, was retained by the BVRLA for another year.
There was serious debate over a very good lunch whether the presidents team deserved their win as on the 12th,a very challenging and scenic par 3 over water, James thinned his tee shot and managed a”Barnes Wallis” by skipping across the water and jumping the two foot high bank to end up on the green. It resulted in a par to halve that hole. James and John then went on to better things by winning their match on the 18th.
James still has the distinction of the MTGS only losing one match in his year with only one more match to go against BMW next week at West Bylfeet.

The match with the BVLRA is always very competitive against the winners of the various BVRLA’s golf tournaments around the country and therefore strong opposition. It was agreed that this match will continue in the years ahead and we look forward to regaining the trophy in Olympic year.

Neil Smith
Match Manager
4th October 2011

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