Match vs AGS at New Zealand
Wed 22nd June 2011


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MTGS v Automobile Golfing Society

New Zealand Golf Club

22 June 2011

The annual match against the AGS was played as usual at the delightful New Zealand Club over 36 holes of foursomes.

The pairings were announced over traditional bacon rolls and the MTGS team were James Crickmay and Gerry Lynch followed by John Smith and Graham Balaam, Oliver Harris and Lionel Squire with John Gorse and Martin Humphrey playing the anchor role. The weather looked threatening but remained fairly dry apart from the last 2 holes for the lead match but by the time the last match finished it was lashing down!

The score at lunch was AGS 3 1/2 MTGS 1/2. Well done to Oliver and Lionel for avoiding total humiliation!

Maybe we would fair better after lunch. The weather worsened over lunch and it was decided to delay the afternoon round and thankfully at 2.45 pm the skies cleared and the match resumed at 3pm.

We decided to keep the same pairings but alter the order of play so John Smith and Graham Balaam led the way with James Crickmay and Gerry Lynch bringing up the rear. Sadly the MTGS were again beaten 3-1 with only James and Gerry winning in the afternoon so the final score was AGS 6 1/2 MTGS 1 1/2. So the AGS retain the Vickers Trophy for another year.

Although not the result we were looking for,a thoroughly enjoyable match was played in good spirits. Our congratulations to Nigel Tinsley and his team in their Centenary year and we look forward to challenging them again in 2012. My thanks to Roger Marrett and his team at New Zealand for the warm welcome ,the excellent lunch and of course the well prepared golf course. My thanks also to Gerry Lynch,the match manager who also was largely responsible for our solitary win,and the MTGS team ,particularly Martin Humphrey and John Gorse who are both in their 80s and walked 36 holes in the worst of the weather !!

James Crickmay

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