Match vs AGS at New Zealand
Thu 21st June 2012


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Match vs Automobile Golfing Society
New Zealand GC- Thursday 21 June 2012

Match Report

This match against one of the oldest societies in the game of golf (last year celebrating their centenary) is always keenly anticipated. It is also the most subscribed for match in our calendar, this year attracting 29 'would be' contestants from the ranks of the MTGS membership of which, sadly, only 8 can presently take part.. More about that later.

So, as those fortunate 8 gathered in the Club lounge with our opponents in the morning over coffee and the finest bacon rolls in the business, the MTGS pairings were chosen by our President, Derek Allen, and the teams were drawn. Most of us thinking not so much about the golf, rather more about whether the monsoon conditions encountered in our travels to New Zealand would persist and spoil the contest.

We were very fortunate. The morning at New Zealand was misty but there was no rain and the course was as usual playing beautifully. This is the only foursomes match we play in the Society due, in part, to that form of golf being preferred by AGS and indeed by New Zealand GC where 4 ball games are most definitely frowned upon!

Off we went at 9.00am and into an unfamiliar fast start by MTGS bringing us 3 wins in the first 3 flights courtesy of our President with Nick Haigh, Craig Fraser with Martin Derrick and Roger Prowting with Trevor Teer. Only the AGS's John Putt and Gerry Kehoe, playing off a combined handicap of 9 won their match against Gerry Lynch and Mike Newman. John, a former PGA professional and Gerry, an 8 handicapper were awesome.

So 3-1 to MTGS at lunch and much expectation for the afternoon round.

Something must have happened over lunch. Either, we all had far too much treacle tart after our roast beef and roast pork, or the Club Claret, which appeared to be the tipple of choice for all in the MTGS team, was just too good not to have another glass. Whatever, we found it hard work in the afternoon and some brief but squally rain showers did not make things any easier.

In the end, and with some revamped pairings, only Martin Derrick and Nick Haigh managed to win a point for MTGS. The rest of us lost, some, who shall remain nameless, by rather a lot! So the match finished in an honourable draw at 4-4, but of course, as the current holders, AGS retain the Vickers Trophy

There were many positives , however, to be taken Firstly, our President is so far unbeaten in his season! Secondly, the AGS are a great side to play against and much fun too. Thirdly, the arrangements that NZ Secretary, Roger Marrett, made for us at the Club were quite superb. He really could not have done more to make us feel comfortable and appreciated. Fourthly, that NZ lunch just gets better and better. Last, but by no means least, AGS have promised to try to get 12 players to turn out for their side next year. That will mean a 50% increase in our numbers which, if realised, will be the best news of all.

Gerry Lynch
24 June 2012

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