Members & guests at Walton Heath
Thu 12th September 2013


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MTGS Guest meeting held at Walton Heath Golf Club

12th September 2013

What a good turnout this year, it must have helped by us moving the date a week later this year to try and avoid the clash with the end of 3rd quarter, as we only had 22 attendees in 2012 and were at risk of losing our slot at this prestigious course.


This year we had 38 stalwarts turning up bright and early at Walton Heath golf club to enjoy a coffee and bacon roll before setting out on one of the most challenging courses we play on, the heather was its usual inviting self, attracting balls like a magnet. Still despite that and the damp start the weather cleared and we all had a most enjoyable day. This is our last member event of the year and the culmination of those complicated calculations to see who has won all the aggregate trophies. The full results are shown below, but special congratulations must go to Terry Wills, our new golf manager, who won the overall aggregate competition with 111 points from the best 3 scores from the 5 meetings, well done Terry.


The overall quality of the course was not quite up to the usual high standard, with some of the fairways having some bare lies where the grass had burnt off during the hot summer, the greens had also not fully recovered from being vertitined, however it was the same for everyone and some fine scores came in, particularly from division 1 where we had 39's and 40's recorded, see below.


We had the usual trauma's with some arriving by the skin of their teeth for their tee time, some losing their four ball group on the first tee, and even some leaving their jacket/tie/shirt/trousers at home, but that is all in a days work with the MTGS, that is what makes it so much fun - the unexpected.


We have three matches to go against the BVLRA, NWMTGS and BMW and I know I will see many of you at those matches, if not I hope I will see you at The Dorchester on the first Thursday in December, the 5th, for what promises to be a great evening at this our 80th dinner. As a point of interest our very first dinner was held at The Dorchester back in 1927 and we hope to have a couple of cars from that era on display on the evening, courtesy of James Crickmay. The dinner booking forms are due to go out this weekend, and we already have half the tables booked, so do return your request for tickets in early to avoid disappointment.


See you all soon


All the Best, John

John Smith

President 2013


All Prizes kindly provided by Motorclean Ltd

    Prizes Trophy   Name h/c Pts
Stableford Comp              
Div 1              
1st   4 Wine Motor Industry Trophy   Godfrey Hall 14 40
2nd   3 Wine Lytton Trophy   Ian Wilson 14 39cb
Div 2              
1st   4 Wine Brew Salver   John Wake 20 36
2nd   3 Wine Dunlop Challenge Trophy   Terry Wills 19 35cb
Winner   4 wine Hallen Trophy   Nick Haigh 10 81 Shots gross
Overhall Winner   Champagne Presidents Plate   Terry Wills 19 111
Div 1              
1st   Champagne Philip Rickards Memorial Trophy   Nick Haigh 10 110
2nd   Champagne Trader Challenge Trophy   Vince Davis 9 108cb
Div 2              
1st   Champagne Riches Trophy   Ray Fisher 17 103
2nd   Champagne Douglas Lamb Trophy   Martin Rengger 15 102
Winner   Champagne Mobbs Bowl   Oliver Harris 9 108
Div 1              
Longest Drive 8rd Champagne     Nick Haigh 10  
Nearest the Pin 11h Champagne     Conrad Gamble 11  
Div 2              
Longest Drive Void Champagne          
Nearest the Pin 18th Champagne     Stan Chicksand 19  
Presidents Putting              
Winner   2 Wine Craig Trophy Ink Stand   Godfrey Hall 14 30 Shots gross



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