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Thu 19th June 2014


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Match Report: New Zealand Golf Club, June 19th 2014

This annual fixture, against one of the oldest golfing societies in the world - the Automobile Golfing Society are now 102 years old - sadly had to be postponed due to AGS being unable to field an 8 man team on this occasion. We are, however, with AGS, looking at ways in which we may retain this match in our calendar, maybe moving to another date more suitable for AGS in the future. However, your committee decided that this date and particularly this venue was too important to lose and so instead we held a match between ourselves, so to speak, which turned out to be a seven man a side match of MTGS vs The Society.
Judging by the number of members who had originally indicated they wanted to play at New Zealand earlier in the year - 32 in total - one would not have envisaged any trouble in quickly filling the required spaces - but it was not to be. In the end, though, fourteen good men and true turned out and all were very glad that they did too! Sharing the day with the Reform Club vs the Brewers match, MTGS were treated to pride of place in the Members Drawing Room with the Reform Club and the Brewers on this occasion having to make do with the Bar for their coffee & bacon rolls and their pre lunch drinks. How very appropriate we thought!
The New Zealand club and golf course delighted all of us as usual. On entering the locker room, one is greeted by the now quite well worn locker of the famous Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, still sitting there as the first name in gold lettering at the top of the locker, with a delicate white stroke through the name indicating that he is no longer with us. Other, no doubt equally famous names in their time, adorn the lockers around the room - a Right Reverend here, a Lord there and a Major General seemingly everywhere. Ah, what a great history!
The golf course did not disappoint. Fast running greens, immaculate fairways, stunning scenery and a nice balance to the par 3’s. Not being attached to the EGU means that New Zealand can set some of their own rules like having preferred lies on the fairways throughout the year and a score card that still shows the Bogey for each hole as used to be the case in days of yore and before the USGA started measuring distances and setting Par. Harrumph, harrumph!
Lunch was the usual first class three course - or four course if you wanted both the pudding and the cheese board - affair and it was mentioned by many on the day that the Club Claret was exceptional which it was but I would add that the Club Blanc Fume was every bit as good if you like a medium bodied Sauvignon Blanc with the addition of just the right amount of Semillon!
On to the match itself, our President, Eamon Bradley, led out the MTGS team from the first tee in singles matchplay but in the end it was the Society who triumphed by 4 ½ to 2 ½ with wins coming from David Hussey, Philip Wilkins, James Hambling, Godfrey Hall, Martin Howes & Terry Wills and the honourable halve coming from Mike Kiff and Trevor Teer.
Next year we will be keeping this date and venue and perhaps allowing a greater number of members to savour the New Zealand experience. Once smitten, you will want to come back again and again. We will communicate details in due course.

Gerry Lynch

21st June 2014

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