Match vs Midlands MTGS at Tadmarton
Tue 10th June 2014


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MTGS V Midlands MTGS 10th June 2014 at Tadmarton GC

On the 10th of June the team members of the MTGS made the annual pilgrimage to Tadmarton Golf Club in the beautiful setting of the Oxfordshire countryside. Old friendships were rekindled and past matches remembered as the two teams sat down to the customary soup and sandwiches before battle commenced! With the weather forecast set fair (in the past we have had anything from sunshine to snow!) the team captains announced the was time! Unfortunately we were a man down and Nick Haigh bravely took on the challenge, our thanks to him. As we walked up to the first tee the retention of the putter was on everyone’s mind as the MTGS have not lost it for many a year, could we do it again?
The course did not let us down. It was in excellent condition and, as always presented a challenge for golfers of high or low handicap............match on!
As we passed our team mates around the course the customary thumbs up(or down) were early indicators of how we were faring against the competition, early signs were positive.
Eighteen holes passed in a flash and we were soon in the 19th waiting for news from the was obviously tight! It was not until the last pair came in that we were to learn our fate, the putter was lost! Valiant efforts from all the team and our congratulations to the Midlands MTGS with the caveat that they were only looking after the putter for a year until we return next year!
Dinner as always was a very social occasion and the missed putts and ‘if only’s’ were discussed, excellent food and facilities were enjoyed by all. The respective Presidents ended the evening with great speeches and tired but not broken we retreated back to our respective homes ready for the return to Tadmarton next year.

Miles Roberts for Mike Bell

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